• Sheep grazing on Buckthorn
    Kimberly Hagen will speak about the use of grazing livestock, to control invasive plants, this coming Jan 25, 2015, 4pm, at the Annual Meeting of the Putney Mountain Association... Please join us!
  • The Sheep are Coming
    Major Farm began their trek to the mountain to deal with the buckthorn problem .... September 24th, 2014
  • Putney Mountain Association Land Project
    Congratulations! Together we DID it! We have purchased the Hannum-O’Connor parcel and met our initial financial goals for the project. We are continuing with fundraising to meet unanticipated stewardship needs.

Kimberly Hagen, UVMPMA Annual Meeting,  JAN 25, 2015, 4pm 
at the Putney Community Center, Christian Square

Our speaker will be Kimberly Hagen, Grazing Specialist, Center for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Vermont Extension Service.    

Kimberly will discuss the use of livestock and mechanical means to control invasive species, rather than herbicide treatments,  Read more here….

Sheep on the Mountain,  the Video:

Our recent Sheep project on Putney Mountain was filmed  by Greg McAllister for Brattleboro Community TV as the sheep left the mountain and began their 8 mile trek home. Our January speaker,  Kimberly Hagen, is mentioned in the video.   Watch the full story here: 

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