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In acquiring and conserving 394 acres of wildlife habitat, the Putney Mountain Association assumed a large and permanent responsibility. To assure that the land we own remains protected, the development rights to all our properties are held in perpetuity by the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and the State of Vermont. Our role is to manage the land in a way that allows low-impact recreational public access while preserving wildlife habitat. We do this in accordance with a Conservation Management Plan which we have developed and which VLT and the state have endorsed.  “Management” means more than just paying taxes and insurance, although those are big items. It also means planning and maintaining the trail system, monitoring habitat conditions, reaching out to and educating the public, and acquiring additional land when possible.  All of these endeavors require adequate resources.  We have established a Stewardship Endowment, the interest from which covers between a quarter and a third of our annual costs, but as with most volunteer charitable organizations, we obtain the balance of the funds we need from the public, through grants, donations, and memberships.


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