The Putney Mountain Association believes there is a vital link between human beings and the natural environment. Its primary objective is to strengthen that link by preserving undeveloped land on Windmill Ridge in southeastern Vermont for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

To achieve this purpose, the Association:

1. Cooperates with other organizations in the creation of a multi-acre conservation project, the Windmill Ridge Nature Reserve and Trail.

2. Manages its portion of the Reserve to preserve its beauty, to assure responsible human access, and to conserve wildlife habitat.

3. Maintains its section of a ridge line hiking trail running the length of the Reserve, together with access facilities and side trails.

4. Develops programs for the community that promote the understanding and appreciation of the history, geology and ecology of southeastern Vermont uplands.

Morris Men on May Day, 2004

Morris Men on May Day, 2004

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