PMA Annual Membership Meeting

“Living With Bears”

Join us for a talk by
Jaclyn Comeau
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Sunday, January 21, 2018
4-6 p.m.

Putney Community Center
10 Christian Square
Putney, Vermont

The purpose of the talk is to increase awareness about bears, their habits, and needs, and to help Vermonters better coexist with them.

All are welcome, light refreshments will be served.

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Wet Sneakers and Muddy Clothes: The Importance of Nature-Based Play and Education

Thursday, September 14, 7:00-8:30 PM
The Compass School,
7892 US 5, Westminster, VT

Well-known author, teacher, and nature activist David Sobel will discuss why children need to play outside in nature for their own well-being and for their future stewardship of the earth. Presented by the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association; co-sponsored by The Nature Museum, Putney Mountain Association, and Windham Regional Woodlands Association; with program support by the Bellows Falls and Springfield Rotary Clubs.
At Compass School, 7892 US-5, Westminster, VT. See poster here or read more here.

Click the poster for more information

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Exploring the Woods with Children

If exploring our local woodlands with kids is of interest to you, you may want to attend this up coming event on Friday, April 7,  at 7pm:


The Windham Regional Woodlands Association and co-sponsoring organizations (see below) are pleased to announce that Forester Lynn Levine of Dummerston will describe for us a hands-on approach to awakening in youngsters an enduring love of the natural world. Moreover, Lynn expects to begin her presentation with a brief surprise audience-participation activity.

Read more about the event HERE


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New Trail Network is Open!

Hannum Trail sign

Southern Tier Map, Holland Hill Trails, Putney Mountain AssociationOn June 12, 2016,  Putney Mountain Association celebrated the opening of a whole new trail network on the southern end of our Reserve. The trails, Dine, Hannum, High Road, and Hinton are located between Holland Hill and Putney Mountain Roads. We invite you to explore the new trails**.  None are difficult and the terrain is gentle; loop distances range from 1.2 to 4.5 miles.
(Holland Hill Road. Parking & Kiosk is on the right, 3/10 of a mile past Parkman Woods Rd.  Look for a small trail sign and white pipes.)

Download the Southern Tier map as a pdf HERE.

Prior to the Hannum purchase the Dine trail was a lonely outpost of trail under PMA management. Though accessible via some old trails we did not have permission to mark, map, or maintain those other parts of the network. Fortuitously, when we purchased the Hannum parcel in 2014 all the elements began to fall in place, allowing us to incorporate the off property, pre-existing trails into our system. Now managed by PMA, the new trail system is a collaboration between PMA, the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge, and several members of the Hinton family who graciously gave legal permission for PMA to mark, map, and maintain a trail across their property. (Hinton Trail.)  The new Hannum Trail, off Holland Hill Road, runs north through land recently acquired by PMA and extends into the Conte Refuge. It then loops south-east to Parkman Wood Road, or a little further on, to the Dine Trail and south to Holland Hill, or north to Putney Mountain across Hinton family property on the Hinton Trail.

** IMPORTANT:     Portions of The Putney Mountain Association trail network are on private property and it is critically important that we respect the owner’s wishes as reflected in our agreements with them.

No wheeled vehicles are permitted on the Hinton Trail, the connector between Putney Mountain Road and PMA’s trails off Holland Hill Road. Although many of you have likely been riding this trail for years, it has been against the owners’ wishes and they want all wheeled travel to stop.

We don’t want to lose all access to this trail, please spread the word. 

(Of course any of these loops can be taken in any direction.)

From the Hannum Trailhead, Holland Hill Rd

Hannum/High Road Loop, 1.2 Miles
Out the Hannum Trail 0.6 miles and return on the High Road Trail 

  • Follow the Hannum Trail (yellow discs)
  • At 0.6 miles, turn left on High Road Trail (blue discs)
  • At 1.1mile turn right on the Hannum Trail

 Hannum/Dine Loop, 3.0 miles
Out the Hannum Trail and back on the Dine Trail, with a short walk on Holland Hill Rd to return to your car

  • Follow the Hannum Trail 1.3 miles (yellow discs)
  • Follow the Dine Trail (white discs)
  • Turn left on Holland Hill Rd

Hannum Trail to Parkman Wood Rd, 1.55 miles (one way)
Out the Hannum Trail and then a side trail to Parkman Wood Rd; from here a car shuttle, retracing your steps, or a road walk is necessary

  • Follow the Hannum Trail (yellow disks)  
  • At 1.1 miles turn right and follow the red discs 

From the Putney Mountain Trailhead, Putney Mountain Rd

Hinton/Dine/Hannum loop, 4.5 miles
South on the Hinton Trail, then a loop using the Dine and Hannum Trails before returning on Hinton

  • Follow the Hinton Trail (white disks). 
  • Turn right on the Dine Trail (white discs)
  • Turn left on Holland Hill Rd
  • Follow the Hannum Trail (yellow disks)
  • At 3.8 miles turn right on the Hinton Trail




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The Sheep have arrived 2016

The sheep are on the mountain for the 2016 summer season, to do their important job of munching down the buckthorn:

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