Interested in trail work? Being a trail adopter/steward? Work days are occasional scheduled events; trail adopters take independent responsibility for a specific section of trail. Let us know your interest and we’ll keep you informed of events and opportunities. Contact Geordie Heller at hsquared49@yahoo.com.


Kids with SheepThis will be the fifth summer of  PMA’s grazing program, using sheep to discourage the proliferation of invasive glossy buckthorn on the summit. Volunteers make this program possible. Sheep will arrive sometime in June, and stay possibly through September. Each day, there needs to be someone to tend the sheep, giving water from the tank on the summit, and providing a little grain from the supply kept on the summit. Volunteers generally go in pairs.  Some go once a week, others less often. There will be training for new volunteers. and we will make a schedule  for the summer that reflects the needs of both the sheep and the volunteers.  Contact Claire Wilson, claire34wilson@gmail.com


Lead a HikeWant to volunteer but prefer less physical activities? Help with occasional mailings or fund-raising? Have a hike you’d like to lead (birds, plants, orienteering, etc.)?   Contact Pat Shields at patashields@gmail.com.

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