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Opportunity Knocks Again!
For a major land acquisition and conservation project on the Brookline side of Windmill Hill Ridgeline

Two conservation-minded Brookline landowners have agreed to sell their undeveloped upland properties to the Putney Mountain Association. Together the two parcels comprise 182 acres of wonderfully diverse hillside forest land.

PMA has applied to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board for a grant that would cover a significant portion of the projected $221,506 cost of buying and conserving this land. We will raise the balance through a combination of grants, donations and fundraising events.  Why is this wonderful act of collaboration with the Parsons and Nicholson families so important?  Because the land:

  • Connects two currently separated portions of our Reserve: the Putney Mountain Summit and a group of parcels to the north totaling 272 acres;
  • Adds substantially to the volume and variety of protected wildlife habitat along the western slope of the ridge;
  • Connects with and considerably expands the existing conserved wildlife movement corridor along the Windmill Hill Ridgeline;
  • Provides a permanent route for a north-south trail that currently relies on landowners’ “handshake” permission for access;
  • Enables the creation of a new trail providing better access to the summit from the Brookline side;
  • Adds a second small year-round stream to the Reserve.

Donate to the Western Slope Project

Winter on Putney MountainHow Can I Help?

We are at the vital stage of enlisting several major donors to get a solid start on our fundraising campaign.  These initial pledges greatly help to insure a positive outcome as we progress into the more public phase of campaigning. 

Your help is invaluable as a donor and as a resource to reach other donors who care deeply about conserving our valuable ridgeline lands into perpetuity.


Feel free to contact any of the members of the fundraising committee:

Steve Anderson and Jacquie Walker (802) 387-5387

Richard A. Fletcher
rafletch5@gmail.com (802) 387-6017

Geordie Heller
geordieheller@gmail.com (802)387-4535

Emily McAdoo (802) 387-4537

Libby Mills (802) 387-5596

Pat Shields (802) 387-8595

Thank you on behalf of the entire Putney Mountain Association Board of Trustees.

View from Putney Mountain in Fall

Putney Mountain Association

The Putney Mountain Association acknowledges the vital link between human beings and the natural environment. Its central purpose is to conserve wildlife habitat on Windmill Ridge in Southern Vermont for present and future generations.

To achieve this purpose, the Association:

  1. Cooperates with other organizations in the creation of a multi-acre conservation project, the Windmill Ridge Nature Reserve and Trail;
  1. Manages its portion of the Reserve to preserve its beauty, to assure responsible human access, and to conserve wildlife habitat;
  1. Maintains its section of a ridge-line hiking trail running the length of the Reserve, together with access facilities and side-trails;
  1. Develops programs for the community that promote the understanding and appreciation of the history, geology and ecology of southeastern Vermont.

Adopted by the PMA Board of Trustees

June 27, 2016Putney Mountain Hawk Watch

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